- We Stay Up All Night With Your Baby
Custom Orders

My fee for custom orders is:
 $200.00 plus the cost of the sculpt for a bald baby or baby with painted hair .
$300.00 plus the cost of the sculpt for a baby with rooted hair.
You must pay a non-refundable deposit of $100.00. This allows me to order the kit you choose and the body etc. I will email pictures during the process so that you can see how it is going. The balance is due when your baby is finished and before it is shipped/delivered.

****price does not include shipping**** 
I can and would love to make you a custom baby! You get to pick:
~boy or girl (or surprise!)
~open eyes or closed
~hair and eye color(painted or rooted, curly or straight. Or bald if you choose!)
~skin tone
Your baby will be OOAK (one of a kind) and will come with a brand new outfit and blanket, picked by me, according to the gender you choose.
Please email me at: shannonhardin2@gmail.com with any questions. I also list at reborns.com
Kit Wish List:
These are kits I would love to reborn!!! If you are unsure of which sculpts you might like me to turn into a "real" baby for you, just take a look at these cutie pies!
 Mouse Awake and Asleep by Sylvia Manning
Nina by Gudrun Legler
Aimee-Rose by Pritty Kits(Emma Cousins)
Sweet Carolina by Marita Winters
Emmy Lou by Bonnie Brown
LeeLu by Natalie Blick
Ashton by Ros Johnson
Karlos by Ulrike Gall
Aisling by Sebilla Boss
Alisanne by Stephanie Sullivan
Dwayne Awake by Claire Taylor
 Sailor Rose by Cassie Brace
Phoenix by Cassie Brace
 Starling by A. K. Kitawaga
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